Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club Sponsors Training for Three Bahraini Jockeys in the UK

Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club Sponsors Training for Three Bahraini Jockeys in the UK
Apprentice jockeys with REHC officials
In line with its commitment to developing Bahraini jockeys' skills, the Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club (REHC), in cooperation with the British Racing School, is sponsoring three apprentice jockeys for a training course in the United Kingdom.

The apprentice jockeys, Mohammed Jameel, Ali Zaalan, and Dhai AlSaadoon, will participate in an intensive training program at the British Racing School in Newmarket. This program serves as an extension of the training they received at REHC's Bahrain Jockey Academy.

The selection of these jockeys was based on recommendations from the Bahrain Jockey Academy, recognizing their advanced theoretical and practical training levels. This initiative, the first of its kind organized by the Bahrain Jockey Academy, aims to further refine and develop the skills of emerging Bahraini jockeys.

The one-month training program in the UK includes both theoretical and practical components under the supervision of specialized trainers. It is designed to provide trainees with valuable experience through interaction with professional coaches and jockeys.

Notably, this marks the first time a Bahraini female jockey, Dhai AlSaadoon, is entering the field of horseracing. AlSaadoon has taken significant steps towards becoming a qualified apprentice jockey, demonstrating exceptional dedication and perseverance.

Through the comprehensive training courses offered by the Bahrain Jockey Academy, AlSaadoon’s skills will be significantly enhanced, enabling her to achieve a high level of professional qualification.

These training opportunities are part of a broader effort to encourage and provide more opportunities for young and aspiring Bahraini athletes.

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